Me In A Nutshell

I am currently a Massage Therapist, Herbalist, Yoga Teacher, Crafter, eBay-er (seller: mamanandilove) and soon to be Licensed Acupuncturist/Nutritionist in sunny San Diego.  I have had an extremely busy few years with much less Bliss than I would like in my life, so my goal now is to re-open to and to re/co-create that Blisssssss.

I have three beautiful, exciting young children who learn at home and out and about with me.  We are part of an amazing group of Homeschoolers/Unschoolers with which we get to go on amazing adventures.

I have always known that I would be a healer.  When I was younger, I thought that meant I would be a pediatrician (at 4 years old!).  My Mother embraced Attachment Parenting and holistic living for the first few years of my life and I believe that helped make me into the compassionate person I am today.   I was a smart, shy young kid that enjoyed school and advanced quickly.   At 11 I enjoyed reading Carl Jung and discussing philosophy and became an ethical vegetarian.  At the age of 12, I found my parent’s “hippie” books (Viktoras Kulvinskas, Ram Das, Sivananda Yoga…) and music (Led Zepplin, Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles…) and realized that there was much more to life than I could imagine.   I experimented with Raw Foods and Fasting, learned to sew and crochet, and did yoga and walked in Nature regularly.  At 15 I was taking AP and community college courses still planning on Med school.  I fell in love with Anthropology and became fascinated with healing around the world, especially herbal medicine.  My Mother nurtured my interest in  plant medicine and healing- she bought me my first Reflexology Correspondence Course and took me to see Naturopaths and our family Network Chiropractor.  In fact, my first job was at that Chiropractor’s office, assisting with Kinesiolgy Testing, something I still use today.  A friend introduced me to Sitar music and I was hooked.

But I began to grow disenchanted with High School and the Rat Race I felt I was heading toward.  So I decided to leave halfway through my Senior year and hang out with friends in Sedona, Arizona.  I wanted to find myself and a community of people like me.  After a lot of hiking, shaving my head, and much contemplation, I decided to go back home and finish school and then travel more.  I would sit on the desk and meditate during class- I am sure people thought I was crazy, but I just saw through the whole paradigm.  After graduation, My Mother bought me a Vanagon and I travelled across the country, visiting Intentional Communities and Rainbow Gatherings.  I got pretty out there, hitchhiking around with no shoes, eating only apples and zucchini and binging on bread occasionally- super skinny and spacey.  I looked at myself in a bathroom mirror one day and thought “This isn’t working.”  And decided to go back home again to regroup.

After a while back at my Parent’s home, working and going to Community College, I decided I wanted to go to a place I had fallen in love with during my travels- Olympia Washington and Evergreen State College.  I spent the summer attending an experiential course on Nature and Spirituality and decided to stay.  I met the Father of my first two children and we moved down to Arcata, CA (Humboldt).  I attended college and Massage school (100 hour program) while raising the kids, but was still unsure what my path was.  After my Parents got divorced, my Mom gave us money for a down payment on 80 acres of land where we could build our dream StrawBale home and Farm.  A week after moving in, we had a tragic accident and lost their Papa.  I went through a period of Major Depression, but my Mother was there again, watching the kids while I figured out what I was going to do.  I decided to attend the 650 hour Massage School that had just opened up and had great success.  Next I attended a local Yoga Training, which I was not thoroughly impressed with, but allowed me to receive a 200 hour Teaching Certificate.  But there were too many memories up there, so we decided to come back down to San Diego to be around more family.  I chose to attend Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, where I started their Master’s Program in Oriental Medicine in 2006.  Although it is a 4 year program, I am just now finishing up due to getting re-married and having one more beautiful baby.

Last winter, after attending school full time, working on eBay part time, and hanging out with the kids the rest of the time, I was FATIGUED!!!  I had put on more weight than I had started out with post-baby and my acne was flaring up regularly.  I experimented with WAPF and milked our goats for dairy.  But I could not seem to get over my tired, achey feelings.  I began eating more processed foods and carbs to get me through, but I just could not get better.  I would read the blogs and success stories about Paleo and I knew that it would work for me also.  I had cut out most grains last Fall, but could not seem to get through the day without a BIG piece of sourdough bread.  Until January, when I had had enough, and decided to just do it.  I went through a month of Carb-Fog and worried that I would feel like that forever.  But the blog posts and comments kept me going.  Then, in late February, I began to wake up and want to go for a walk.  I mean, I needed to move.  I couldn’t not.  And I started radiating heat.  I was overall warmer and would get waves of heat that felt like an engine revving.  I knew instinctively that my metabolism was building back up.  And after a couple of months of very little grains and moderate veg/fruit carbs and feeling better and stronger but not losing fat, I decided to try a fat fast  to see if my body would start burning fat better.  Well, my strength is up, the fat is coming off, the irritability is way down, PMS is less emotional, I have no bloating, and my chronic dry mouth is gone.  I feel great! and I am only starting on this phase of my journey.  I am so excited to discover what Bliss the Universe has in store for me.  And I would love to share the experience with you.



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