Today was a little better than yesterday. I woke up sore, due to the workout last night, but it felt good to use my body more. The boys had lots of energy- they went swimming twice again, especially since we talked about how the seasons are changing and we will only have good swimming weather for a few more weeks. Thankfully, that means the weather is slightly less searing…It may even rain this weekend. Yay!
We went to Barnes and Noble and Toys R Us to spend the kids birthday gift cards. B bought some young adult books that she has been wanting. W got a dragon figurine and a lego Star Wars kit. Z got a Beyblade figure and two Slug Terra figures. And as a family, we got the games Set and Munchkin. I love Set- it is a game that you can play by yourself or others, and it is a very good brain and skill builder for recognizing patterns. You can make it work for many different skill levels, and you can play for as short or long of a time as you want. Munchkin is a little more advanced than the games we are used to, but it seems like once we get it down, that it will be a lot of fun. It is the kind of game that will be different everytime, similar to Fluxx.
We have been needing some new games. We are planning on getting a few more cooperative games for Winter Solstice. Right now we have Monster Fluxx, Labyrinth, blokus, Quirkle, Settlers of Catan, Life original and Star Wars, Double (similar to Uno), Scrabble, Hoot Hoot Owl, Max the Cat, Princess, Count Your Chickens, 50 dice for dice games including Tenzies, Anomia, Lord of the Rings, Adventure time Monopoly, Apples to Apples, Hedbanz, Feed the Woozle, Animal Upon animal, and Clue. And probably a few others in storage that I need to get out. I can only play a game so many times before I need a new one.
We sharpened a bunch of colored pencils today. It seems like all of ours were stubby, so we got a good variety sharpened and got to work on coloring some mandalas. We also talked about multiplication circle patterns and played Tenzies. B and I made a lemon cake, so she got some good fractions there : )
And we defrosted some Yellowtail tuna that Grandpa caught on Easter. It was so yummy just with salt and oil!
Z practiced his writing and form drawing while I drew a wombat and a koala for W.

photo300photo 2 (4)

B worked on some speed sheets for the four processes. And we made white playdough!


Perfect for lightening the colors that we have. W has had varying colored globs in his hands almost nonstop. Next I want to get out our clay and work on some pottery and sculptures.


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