Well, it has not been a very blissful day. Papa had a super grumpy morning dealing with the post office, and we all felt the effects. I, in particular, was affected, as I have not been feeling great lately anyway. My lungs do not do well in the searing heat, and I am totally exhausted from trying to fit in homeschooling, studying for my licensing exams, keeping the house clean, and prepping for the big move. Add that DH is busy all day and night building the house, so he can’t help out much.
I decided to take it relatively easy today. No big craft project, light on the lessons. We did still manage to get a bit o’ that learnin’ in, though. The boys and I played Double in bed and then read some books. We drew using our 1-2-3 books. I drew a Pachycephalosaurus!

photo 1 (3)

Z drew a Guinea Pig and an Archaeopteryx!

The boys went swimming a couple of times while I worked on my knitted bathrug and then they had some electronic time.

I made a large loaf of whole wheat bread for DD, who won’t eat Gluten Free bread and I made a pan of gluten free brownies for myself and the boys. We also made a big pot of Gluten Free chicken noodle soup.

And, although I am still feeling very fatigued, I am feeling the motivation to work on my body more, so I did a half hour of yoga and some toning exercises. Not too much, as I get drained easily, but it’s something.

It is hard when I think about how I used to be- I spent 1-2 hours a day on Yoga and walking and had a strong body. But now, after going through an insanely challenging Masters program while homeschooling three kids, one of them born while I was in the program, and having to work part time on top of it, I am toast! I am taking adrenal support herbs and trying to get in as many superfoods as possible, but sometimes finding the time just to get a piece of toast in my mouth is a challenge. And now I have to accept the fact that my body really doesn’t like wheat or dairy so I need to make almost everything from scratch. I know there are many GF options available at the store these days, but they all have ingredients like carageenan or modified food starch. And the cost!!! We are at the point where every penny counts, as I still need to buy more Waldorf supplies and we are putting everything else we have into the Tiny House.

At least there is one thing I am doing that is helping…I have not driven on the freeway all week! I can feel my adrenal glands slowly healing from not being exposed to that stress. Now I just need to see how long I can pull the no freeway driving-thing off…

Now the boys and I are watching the Quest. This is only the second episode we have watched, and it is pretty cheesy, but it is family friendly and we are very interested in Medieval Times and the Renaissance Period. Off to study and be inspired by the Questers!


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