We all woke up a little grumpy today. The searing heat of San Diego summer has been unrelentless. I mean, last night we had a gentle breeze for a few minutes. But I am craving cool weather- fall, winter, spring- it doesn’t matter to me. I just want weather. Rain, luscious rain. Maybe even some snow. But I know that it is most likely not coming around here for a while. Summer basically goes until October and then winter is like an extended fall. I am sooo excited to be heading up North soon. Hopefully we will have some rain down here this winter, and then we will be in the NW for springtime–lots of rain.

Other than that, this has been a typical home day for us. I am trying not to drive much right now, as even with air condition it gets H.O.T. in our car. Also, I have been getting panic attacks from driving on the freeways out here. People are crazy!

So far, we have played Monster Fluxx, Labyrinth, picked oranges and made orange juice. While picking, we talked about the weather and how oranges grow and the physics of how we pick them, using a lever and a basket. While Z and I picked, W played with bubbles. While we were juicing, we talked about fractions and even did a little project with cutting the pieces up smaller and smaller, ending up with 1/8 pieces. Then we made a cute little design with them:


photo 5photo 1 (10)photo 2 (10)photo 3 (4)photo 4 (2)photo (4)



We have also talked about what San Diego was like before all of the settlers came- from hunters and gatherers to Native Americans to current day- and talked about what local Natives ate, what they used for housing, and looked at pictures of the Kumeyaay- our local tribe.

The boys took turns drumming on our big Djembe and we talked about rhythm. We played with the playdough that we started yesterday and finished today- yay for blue! We experimented with rolling in balls, making snakes, and marbling. I love the marbled ones- they are so pretty.

photo (5)


Z worked on his form drawing while I drew a Tyranosaurus for W.  It turned out okay, but I have had more success with other animals.  He wanted me to draw from a pretty realistic picture instead of using the Dinosaur 1-2-3 book that we have.  I’m still working on it, but I’ll post it when it is done…

We watched Eragon together, but I have to admit, I was not paying attention as I needed to get some study and homeschool research in.  but Z liked it so much, he wants to watch it again tomorrow.

We read books before bed- I am reading The Shifting Sands a Deltora Book with Z and I read The Giving Tree to W.




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