Well- It has been a busy and fruitful day. The boys (11, 3) and I decided that we are starting school today. We are still very unschooly, but needed some direction, so I bought the recommended books for Christopherus Waldorf 4th grade, and we are using them for inspiration. So far, we have played Labyrinth board game, made and played with 10 pints of natural play dough

photo (2)

(recipe soon), watched The Desolation of Smaug, talked about how many days of the week/month/year and how it is the end of summer and fall is coming soon, did some summery finger plays, worked on our knitting projects, made music with flutes and drums and guitars, looked into math in nature, talked about how big our living room is (area, perimeter), made oatmeal and talked about fractions, discussed Norse Myths and where the Norse countries are (looked at a map of the world and talked about a lot of places, especially where people we know are from), played Monster Fluxx, had a Nerf Dart war, played on the iPad/Wii, read a bunch of books (me reading to them and 11yo reading aloud), did some tongue twisters, cleaned and organized/downsized the boys toys, played outside/swam, drew/painted, and did some art/form drawing.

In addition, I cooked lunch and dinner, tried to keep the house somewhat clean, got in an hour of studies for my Licensing exam, worked with DH on our plans for the tiny house, spent an hour listening to DD read from a book about different cultural rites, got lots of snuggle time in, and did some research on unschooling and waldorf strewing.


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