Well- it has been a long while since I last posted. Life has been busy in many amazing ways. First- our eBay business has been taking off, which is funny because it was only meant to be a temporary deal and we are really over it, so we are not actively collecting any more goods to sell and are hoping to have everything listed and sold in the next 6 months. But it has allowed DH and I to work from home for the last few months and to start on our new project… a Tiny House!!! We have been planning on refurbishing an older school bus, but decided that we would rather start from scratch. So we sold one of our cars and bought a specially made made trailer from Ronco Trailers in Vista, Ca.
Here is a picture:


I figured out our floor plan and the style we want. We planned out the floor and are organizing our build site right now. In three days, we will buy most of the supplies we need and get started. Yay!!!

We are lucky 1) that we have a large level private driveway to work on 2) that grandma lives with us and will help with the kids for a while each day 3) that we have a whole month where we only have to work part time at eBay and my studies so we can devote a lot of time to the house 4) that we have a lot of the tools necessary for the project (in fact, I think the only large tool we need is a chop saw 5) DH is quite handy and crafty and we are both ardent DIYers and 6) Home Depot gave us a large line of credit and just sent us a no interest for 2 years deal. All awesome!

So beside spending amazing time with my beautiful kids and studying for my national acupuncture license, I will be building my own house on wheels—
Here is a link to the style we are planning:


And the floor plan:


We even started a new blog (ourblissfullifeblog.wordpress.com) which will detail the technical process of the build as well as our adventures after…for we are planning on finishing up by next spring and heading on up to the pacific NorthWest. We have lived up there before and loved it and are soooo excited to be moving back up. We are planning on either renting/ leasing our own piece if land or sharing with some good people. This will allow us to save money for our own property in that area! Maybe even in the next year or two. Needless to say, it will be a lot of work, but we are ready. Teenage daughter- not so much. But it will build all of our characters and allow us to do the things which help us be in our bliss- and that is the most important thing.


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