My Day 5-15-14

Wow. I was worried I would not sleep well last night, but the excitement of yesterday wore me out. Today was low-key. A little puttering in the garden, swimming with the boys, some Game of Thrones and Supernatural with DD, more wreath-making. Lots of Facebook. I need to catch up with the world. Put myself out there as a strong confident woman. Or maybe just look at funny pictures of cats…
I also started to work again on eBay, but DH was out working all day, so I focused on being a mom. Without too much cleaning. I spent that time relaxing with the wee ones and connecting electronically. I’ll try harder tomorrow- I promise.
I am feeling a bit off energetically. There is so much that my brain wants to do and accomplish yet my soul just wants to bathe in the glory if my children and husband and friends and family. What a crazy balance.
I want to live in abundance but to get there I need to relax and enjoy the ride. Every time it start to stress, I lose the magic and I feel off and that affects my reality. So my new mantra is “roll with it”.


Pretty little head wreaths



This fell on my foot today.  Was it irony or a firm reminder from the universe?


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