My Day 5-13-14

Garden: Birds chirping. Cool air. Moisture. Flowers and leaves and fruits. Greens and pinks and purples.
I spend as much time here in my little oasis as possible. I have barely been working because I just can’t get enough 1)garden time 2)bliss time with my kids. Oh well- this is the stuff I’ll remember when I am 90. Besides the garden, I had a lovely errand time with my DD. Even though I have been researching and ordering samples for alternative fabrics like hemp and organic cotton, I broke down and went to the local fabric store to get supplies for our costumes for an upcoming festival. I am envisioning light gauzy wide leg pants with a draped top, a fluttery pixie skirt, a boxy lacy floral top , feather earrings, and lots of floral head wreaths. I think we might even have enough wreaths to sell. The only bummer part of the day was when I realized that the package of Niman Ranch pork ribs that I was going to make for dinner was really really not good. Boo. Otherwise it was “business” as usual- swimming, Adventure Time, and crazy kids.


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