Done With School and Vacay. Yay!

I made it!!! I am finally (almost entirely) done with school.  I still have to do an online study class and study on my own for my license exams.  That program was one of the hardest things I have ever done.  Not just the actual learning, but the time it took away from my kids and the stress it put on my relationship.  I almost didn’t make it.  But I did, and I am here now.  And now I have time for all of the projects that I have been dreaming about do for the last 5 years.

The first thing we did was take a vacation.  I needed to get out of town and up to Northern California.  It worked out perfectly for us to go up as a family for a few days and then for my Mom to take the kids for a few days.  We drove up to Sacramento to visit an old friend and his fun little boy.  We stayed in one of the worst Motel 6’s.  But then we got to Arcata and checked into the Days Inn, which was very nice.  I barely cooked for four days.  We went to visit the redwoods and the Farmers Market and showed the kids the houses they were born in and the beaches we used to go to.  We visited with old friends and ate at old and new restaurants.  I was particularly impressed with Abruzzi Italian Restaurant.  I bad an amazing Filet Mignon with gnocchi in blue cheese cream sauce.  So good.  The gnocchi were light and fluffy like pillows.

And water came out of the sky!!! Sometimes, living in sunny Sam Diego, I forget that happens. We didn’t do everything I was hoping for, but our last day with the kids, everyone was tired and grumpy, so we rested before Grandma came to get the kids.

and then…DH and I got to go to Harbin Hot Springs alone.  From the moment we got there till the moment we picked up the kids, we did as little as possible.  We slept in, we dawdled as we walked, we lounged in the warm pool hugging for hours, we layer on the deck in the sun and did yoga occasionally.  And when we were hungry, we cooked food that we wanted.  I made simple vegetarian food, as it is a communal vegetarian kitchen, but it tasted sooo good combined with relaxation and all of the walking we did.  We so love Harbin that we have actively been looking at residency there, but that is a future possibility.

the drive home was awful, with LA traffic, but we made it in one go and have slowly been recovering.  And starting all of those projects I have dreamt of for years.

Thanks for reading.  Here are some visual highlights:

photo269 photo282

Redwood Forest, Arcata, CA

photo267 photo268

Moonstone Beach, Trinidad, CA

photo280 photo281

photo278 photo271

Chapman’s Gem and Mineral Museum/Shop


photo277 photo274

Coming home to Harbin Hot Springs…

photo275 photo276


And we made it!                                                     have you ever wondered what can fit inside a tiny dome?


photo273 photo272

Hiking at Harbin                                                   Deer everywhere- this is right outside of our dome



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