Fuel 5/09/10

Worked in the garden all morning. We had to protect all of our beds from some unknown creature (most likely a rabbit or squirrel) that keeps eating our tender greens. We have a lot of knew baby sprouts coming up- sunflowers, cucumbers, sweet peas, peppers…and I planted more seeds today, so hopefully our garden will rock this season. Next to tackle is the new garden space. We are going to start small and add each season as we are not sure how long we are able to stay at this location. But we are going to use this time as a learning experience so that when we have our own farm, we will have knowledge to create a beautiful, functional organic permaculture property.
I have a vision of 10 or so acres with a vegetables, flowers, medicinal herbs, orchards, animal areas, an eco-B&B made of alternative buildings (cob, cordwood, earthen, dome, tipi, etc.), a formal garden where we can hold ceremonies, alternative technology, a forge/workshop, and a healing space.
In the evening, DD and I went on a Mother daughter date to the mall to spend a gift card from the holidays. I got a cute statement necklace and some Elevenses wide leg pants and she got some earrings, a daisy dress (big on daisies right now- I felt like we were back in the 90’s), a t-shirt, and some shorts. Then we shared a couple of macaroons (blood orange and salted caramel) and agreed that we need to learn how to make them as they were soooo good.

We have so many projects that we are working on right now. A big one for me is the formation of a whole foods meal delivery service. I love cooking and I want to share with others, especially those that are too busy to cook well for themselves and their families.
I am working on designing an alternative fabric clothing line. We are designing beautiful healing jewelry. We are writing a children’s book series. We are prepping to make and sell an bunch of hoops and to start
teaching hoopdance again. I need to get my resume together and hand it out to Yoga studios. I am creating a sacred movement class based on everything I have learned in my studies. We are sending out paperwork for our California massage licenses. I am trying to study daily for my Acupuncture licensing exams.
And we are trying to keep up with eBay, homeschool our 3 kids, and keep the house (reasonably) clean.
Oof. There are not enough hours in the day. Luckily, none of it is super urgent and we are able to find some time to relax and enjoy life although we wish we were doing that at the hot springs.
Soon. Soon.

Well, anyway, here is what fueled me for all of this action.
Breakfast: omelet with asparagus, mushrooms, onions, zucchini, avocado and GF toast with Kerrygold
Lunch: splurge on DiLeone’s pizza (ack! too much wheat and diary for me, but it was so tasty) and homemade Mango Kombucha
Snack: macaroon
Dinner: Homemade wild tuna salad sandwich on a GF bun with pickles, homemade mayo (Yay I did it right this time! I’ll post the recipe), baby lettuce, and apricot jam with a side of cucumber sunomono salad

and almond chocolate pudding for dessert (shared with my DS in bed as we cuddled)


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