Fuel 5/08/14

Today was another mellow day. We lounged around and had a late breakfast of almost perfectly cooked rosti (like hash browns, but better), eggs, and chicken apple sausages. A little work on the seedling flats and the garden, some housework, and then it was time to get ready for our weekly parkday with our homeschool group. Today we went to a park that we have not visited in a while. In fact, my youngest had never been there, but enjoyed it so much that he wants to go back tomorrow. While there, we relaxed with friends, hula hooped in the beautiful sunshine (me), climbed the fun playground equipment (the boys), and made gorgeous Mother’s day cards for Grandmas.
DH made Roast chicken, carrots, and potatoes while we were out, and I added stir fry veggies, fresh aioli, and chocolate almond pudding with whipped coconut cream. So satisfying.



And now, DD and I are catching up on Supernatural as we wind down for bedtime.  The three year old is finally choosing to sleep in his own bed (I love it when waiting patiently rewards ease in parenting) so I get a second full night of sleep in a week.  Huzzah!!!


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