My Day 5-15-14

Wow. I was worried I would not sleep well last night, but the excitement of yesterday wore me out. Today was low-key. A little puttering in the garden, swimming with the boys, some Game of Thrones and Supernatural with DD, more wreath-making. Lots of Facebook. I need to catch up with the world. Put myself out there as a strong confident woman. Or maybe just look at funny pictures of cats…
I also started to work again on eBay, but DH was out working all day, so I focused on being a mom. Without too much cleaning. I spent that time relaxing with the wee ones and connecting electronically. I’ll try harder tomorrow- I promise.
I am feeling a bit off energetically. There is so much that my brain wants to do and accomplish yet my soul just wants to bathe in the glory if my children and husband and friends and family. What a crazy balance.
I want to live in abundance but to get there I need to relax and enjoy the ride. Every time it start to stress, I lose the magic and I feel off and that affects my reality. So my new mantra is “roll with it”.


Pretty little head wreaths



This fell on my foot today.  Was it irony or a firm reminder from the universe?


Fuel 5-15-14

What a wierd eating day for me. Lots of comforting carbs and fat and salt.
Breakfast: rice noodles with butter and Parmesan, pear kombucha, mango
Lunch: DS’s leftover noodles with some Niman Ranch pork chops in herb sauce (recipe soon)
Dinner: grandma made chinese. Yum.
Snacks: small organic coffee with coconut sugar and coconut cream

My Day 5-13-14

Garden: Birds chirping. Cool air. Moisture. Flowers and leaves and fruits. Greens and pinks and purples.
I spend as much time here in my little oasis as possible. I have barely been working because I just can’t get enough 1)garden time 2)bliss time with my kids. Oh well- this is the stuff I’ll remember when I am 90. Besides the garden, I had a lovely errand time with my DD. Even though I have been researching and ordering samples for alternative fabrics like hemp and organic cotton, I broke down and went to the local fabric store to get supplies for our costumes for an upcoming festival. I am envisioning light gauzy wide leg pants with a draped top, a fluttery pixie skirt, a boxy lacy floral top , feather earrings, and lots of floral head wreaths. I think we might even have enough wreaths to sell. The only bummer part of the day was when I realized that the package of Niman Ranch pork ribs that I was going to make for dinner was really really not good. Boo. Otherwise it was “business” as usual- swimming, Adventure Time, and crazy kids.

Done With School and Vacay. Yay!

I made it!!! I am finally (almost entirely) done with school.  I still have to do an online study class and study on my own for my license exams.  That program was one of the hardest things I have ever done.  Not just the actual learning, but the time it took away from my kids and the stress it put on my relationship.  I almost didn’t make it.  But I did, and I am here now.  And now I have time for all of the projects that I have been dreaming about do for the last 5 years.

The first thing we did was take a vacation.  I needed to get out of town and up to Northern California.  It worked out perfectly for us to go up as a family for a few days and then for my Mom to take the kids for a few days.  We drove up to Sacramento to visit an old friend and his fun little boy.  We stayed in one of the worst Motel 6’s.  But then we got to Arcata and checked into the Days Inn, which was very nice.  I barely cooked for four days.  We went to visit the redwoods and the Farmers Market and showed the kids the houses they were born in and the beaches we used to go to.  We visited with old friends and ate at old and new restaurants.  I was particularly impressed with Abruzzi Italian Restaurant.  I bad an amazing Filet Mignon with gnocchi in blue cheese cream sauce.  So good.  The gnocchi were light and fluffy like pillows.

And water came out of the sky!!! Sometimes, living in sunny Sam Diego, I forget that happens. We didn’t do everything I was hoping for, but our last day with the kids, everyone was tired and grumpy, so we rested before Grandma came to get the kids.

and then…DH and I got to go to Harbin Hot Springs alone.  From the moment we got there till the moment we picked up the kids, we did as little as possible.  We slept in, we dawdled as we walked, we lounged in the warm pool hugging for hours, we layer on the deck in the sun and did yoga occasionally.  And when we were hungry, we cooked food that we wanted.  I made simple vegetarian food, as it is a communal vegetarian kitchen, but it tasted sooo good combined with relaxation and all of the walking we did.  We so love Harbin that we have actively been looking at residency there, but that is a future possibility.

the drive home was awful, with LA traffic, but we made it in one go and have slowly been recovering.  And starting all of those projects I have dreamt of for years.

Thanks for reading.  Here are some visual highlights:

photo269 photo282

Redwood Forest, Arcata, CA

photo267 photo268

Moonstone Beach, Trinidad, CA

photo280 photo281

photo278 photo271

Chapman’s Gem and Mineral Museum/Shop


photo277 photo274

Coming home to Harbin Hot Springs…

photo275 photo276


And we made it!                                                     have you ever wondered what can fit inside a tiny dome?


photo273 photo272

Hiking at Harbin                                                   Deer everywhere- this is right outside of our dome


Homemade (Paleo) Blender Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is simple, but has do be done right or it will not set up properly.  The basic ingredients are an egg, a cup of oil, and seasonings.  I have chosen to use a pastured, soy-free egg, 3/4 cup of lard (melted), 1/4 cup of olive oil, a pinch of coconut sugar, a pinch of sea salt, 2 teaspoons of dijon mustard, and 2 teaspoons of rice vinegar.  But I recommend adjusting seasonings to taste.

I put the egg and all of the seasonings in the blender jar and whip for 15 seconds then slowly started to add a stream of oil/lard.  It is just like making a salad dressing.  After all of the oil/lard is added, it may look a bit thin, but it will set up quickly, especially if you use a saturated fat, which will be more solid after it sets.  Keep in the refrigerator for up to a week, but eat liberally as there is a lot of healthy and tasty fat.


Yes- that is a Talenti Gelato container.  It used to be one of my favorite splurges.  But I have recently been making the B.E.S.T. coconut ice cream- I have made Strawberry, Mint chocolate chip, Rocky Road, Chocolate Chip, and Chocolate.  I’ll post a recipe soon, and I might be marketing them soon as well!  More to come…


My Nutritional Odyssey

I have been doing a lot of experimenting with my nutrition lately.  I seem to have come full circle, as I am wont to do.  I have been leaning toward the Paleo side of things for a couple of years and decided last winter to cut out all grains to see how I reacted.  I felt better for a while- lost a few pounds, skin cleared up, less aches and pains.  But after a couple of months, my energy tanked.  I decided to try adding in a lot of healthy fats – coconut oil/milk, high fat dairy, more nuts, and that helped for a bit, but still was not enough.  Then I read Matt Stone’s books and the website Eat More 2 Lose Weight and decided to add in a lot more calories.  It turns out that, being a busy mom, breastfeeding, homeschooling, full time student, part time business owner, was taking it’s toll on me and I was not nourishing my body enough for it to function properly.  So I added grains back in (mostly gluten free, but some wheat when that was all that was available) and tried to add in more cheese for a while to keep my calories up.  But my skin started freaking out again and I gained 15 pounds.  Both of which I expected, as per my reading as talking with others that have used this approach.  But then I came to a point where the aches and pains were back, my skin was at an all-time freak out high, and I was constantly bloated and sluggish feeling.  But I had energy.  Argh!!!  I decided to go back to my old style of eating- mostly gluten-free, low dairy, high veggie, with room for splurges.  And now my energy is good, aches and pains are slowly subsiding, my skin is clearing up, and I am slowly losing weight again.  At this point, I am eating eggs, coconut milk/cream/oil/flour/sugar, lots of low-fiber veggies, some well-cooked high fiber veggies, small amounts of fruit (mostly berries, occasional banana in a smoothie, mangoes, watermelon), some nuts/seeds, white rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, nuts and seeds, arrowroot and tapioca starches, lard/tallow, olive oil, chocolate, Kombucha, Water Kefir, pickles, saurkraut, all kinds of meat, and small amounts of gluten and dairy.  I am trying to get in enough calories that I have energy to fuel my non-stop days, making those calories as nutrient dense as possible and as tasty as possible.  And keeping each meal’s serving of carbs low enough to not spike my blood sugar/insulin and overall carbs low enough to slowly lose these extra pounds that are keeping me from feeling optimal.  

Fuel 5/09/10

Worked in the garden all morning. We had to protect all of our beds from some unknown creature (most likely a rabbit or squirrel) that keeps eating our tender greens. We have a lot of knew baby sprouts coming up- sunflowers, cucumbers, sweet peas, peppers…and I planted more seeds today, so hopefully our garden will rock this season. Next to tackle is the new garden space. We are going to start small and add each season as we are not sure how long we are able to stay at this location. But we are going to use this time as a learning experience so that when we have our own farm, we will have knowledge to create a beautiful, functional organic permaculture property.
I have a vision of 10 or so acres with a vegetables, flowers, medicinal herbs, orchards, animal areas, an eco-B&B made of alternative buildings (cob, cordwood, earthen, dome, tipi, etc.), a formal garden where we can hold ceremonies, alternative technology, a forge/workshop, and a healing space.
In the evening, DD and I went on a Mother daughter date to the mall to spend a gift card from the holidays. I got a cute statement necklace and some Elevenses wide leg pants and she got some earrings, a daisy dress (big on daisies right now- I felt like we were back in the 90’s), a t-shirt, and some shorts. Then we shared a couple of macaroons (blood orange and salted caramel) and agreed that we need to learn how to make them as they were soooo good.

We have so many projects that we are working on right now. A big one for me is the formation of a whole foods meal delivery service. I love cooking and I want to share with others, especially those that are too busy to cook well for themselves and their families.
I am working on designing an alternative fabric clothing line. We are designing beautiful healing jewelry. We are writing a children’s book series. We are prepping to make and sell an bunch of hoops and to start
teaching hoopdance again. I need to get my resume together and hand it out to Yoga studios. I am creating a sacred movement class based on everything I have learned in my studies. We are sending out paperwork for our California massage licenses. I am trying to study daily for my Acupuncture licensing exams.
And we are trying to keep up with eBay, homeschool our 3 kids, and keep the house (reasonably) clean.
Oof. There are not enough hours in the day. Luckily, none of it is super urgent and we are able to find some time to relax and enjoy life although we wish we were doing that at the hot springs.
Soon. Soon.

Well, anyway, here is what fueled me for all of this action.
Breakfast: omelet with asparagus, mushrooms, onions, zucchini, avocado and GF toast with Kerrygold
Lunch: splurge on DiLeone’s pizza (ack! too much wheat and diary for me, but it was so tasty) and homemade Mango Kombucha
Snack: macaroon
Dinner: Homemade wild tuna salad sandwich on a GF bun with pickles, homemade mayo (Yay I did it right this time! I’ll post the recipe), baby lettuce, and apricot jam with a side of cucumber sunomono salad

and almond chocolate pudding for dessert (shared with my DS in bed as we cuddled)