Fuel 3/31/14

What a whirlwind weekend. We went to visit our amazing friends an hour away and had so much fun just playing! I also read half of Conscious Loving by Gay and Kathlynn Hendricks and it was life-altering in a great way. I highly recommend this book. I am going through so many life changes right now and actively working on staying positive and blissful through all of them.  So now I just have to wait for my own copy to arrive.
Today I relaxed all morning and took DS to parkour in the afternoon. Now I have a good amount if listings to catch up on, but first let me share what fueled me today.

Poached eggs with hollandaise sauce- my new favorite high fat breakfast.
Stevia whipped cream and chocolate coconut cream mousse

Small Chimichurri sweet potato cauliflower salad
Small Bacon cream cheese jalapeño dip
Coffee with stevia and cream
Small slice of sour cream plum pie

New York steak with mushrooms and onions

Honey mustard mayo chicken


2 mile walk, 20 min dancing/yoga


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