Fuel 3/29/14

Off to a fun family sleepover at our sweet friends’ house! I’ve packed lots of food to keep us going, but luckily their family has a similar eating style, so it should be fun. We always end up making crazy recipes with what we have on hand. Like when we made gluten free pigs in blankets with rice flour and tapioca pearls. This time we made kombucha with kiwi and strawberries, leftover sauce chicken thighs, and gluten free brownies (well, the teen girls did that one- I just supervised).

Eggs with hollandaise sauce
Pork sausage patties

Cheddar cheese and salami

Turkey meat with mayo
Whipped cream and chocolate coconut cream

Chicken thighs with a marinade made from the ends of sauce bottles- ended up Asian style
Sweet potato fries (just a few)
Tiny gf brownie with lots of frosting (lots of sugar, but oh so good)
Small bit of Quinoa Vodka- it was better than most vodkas I’ve had

Dancing, 2 mile walk, cleaning for an hour


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