What I Ate 3/25/14

Sunday and Monday I listed eBay all day and I don’t really remember what I ate. Today I had to work in he school clinic and was feeling low energy and frustrated (senioritis- only 4 weeks to go!). Afterwards, I went thrift shopping and found a bunch of good stuff, both for myself and to sell. But then I had my hated drive home, and was definitely not feeling blissful. Then, when I got home, I had a sudden desire to RUN! I think sitting around and not cleaning over the weekend as well as not nursing for 5 days now (yay!) is finally starting to pay off. Oh- and DS sleep with DH last night, so I got my second full night of sleep in the last four years. So good. So, I went running (I even put on my running pants : ) ) and set out with the intention of not pushing myself too hard- but I actually ran a whole mile without any issues! Yay again! I feel my muscles getting stronger and my energy is good. Hopefully it lasts…
Here is what fueled me today:
2 ounces of macadamia nuts

2 large chicken breasts stuffed with ricotta and covered with marinara–from TJ’s. Yum. So. Full. Couldn’t stop eating.

Small Homemade low carb jello and stevia whipped cream

Tiny piece of Filet mignon

2 mile walk/run, 20 min of gentle yoga


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