What I Ate Today 3/18/14

Okay. I admit it. I am obsessed with nutrition. I should be studying or cleaning or listing eBay items. But instead I am poring over Paleo websites looking at research and recipes and testing out said recipes. It seems to be working so well for me and I want to have a relatively solid understanding of WHY it works so before I share with friends, family, and clients.
I have been studying various forms of nutrition theory and applying them to myself for 20 years. As I wrote in my Bio, I was a Vegetarian/Vegan, Raw Foods/Fruitarian enthusiast, “healthy” Omnivore (including WAPF, Chinese Medicinal nutrition therapy), and now Primal/Paleo.
Even within the Primal/Paleo realm, there are so many approaches. Low-carb/High fat, Low-fat/High Carb, not to mention protein ranges, nuts vs. no nuts, dairy or no… So how do we know what to do?  I’ll go into that more in later posts.

but for now, here’s what I chose to put in my body today

Homemade macaroon (see next post), Stevia sweetened yogurt with blackberries 250 cal, 22g carbs, 10g protein, 13g fat
No sugar Chai tea with half and half

stevia sweetened whipped cream, turkey meat 200 cal, 8g carbs, 10g protein, 14g fat

Sweet potato with butter, pork sausages, homemade kale chips

Paleo “breaded” Chicken nuggets
Zucchini and Onions


Thai green curry & cauliflower rice leftovers


2 mile walk, 1 hour cleaning

Energy was low today, but digestion was good and no blood sugar crashes.  I think I just need to recharge, so I am resting tonight, because tomorrow is my crazy day.


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