What I Ate Today 3/16/14

Phew! That workshop yesterday took a lot out of me. That and starting to sprint again and doing more core workouts : )
But I got to sleep in some and wake up mostly refreshed. In any case, I have been waking up wanting to go for a walk. Part of that may be the amazing weather we are having right now (balmy, not too hot) but I really feel like my hormones and internal organs are regulating. Yay for me!

Took DS to TJ’s to shop and then to a fun park with musical toys and a rock climbing wall.  It was too hot to climb (barely spring yet here but that’s SoCal for you) so we went on a walk and found a cute little herb garden, some beautiful art installations, and some Ren Faire types practicing sword fighting.  And played with the instruments- they were so fun.  Kind of like a Gong Bath.  It just shakes all your negativity loose.  Anyway, here are some pics:

photo.JPG331 photo.JPG328 photo.JPG330 photo.JPG329 photo.JPG332 323 photo.JPG324 photo.JPG327


So I was thinking about starting a BAB today, but wasn’t feeling it by the time I got up. SO maybe I’ll start tomorrow. I’m not totally convinced that I need to, but I would like to see if it helps regulate my cortisol and reset my leptin. According to the theory, I also need to regulate my sleeping better and have less stimulation at night, exercise less during the reset, and a few other things that I am not sure I can do right now. So we’ll see. In the meantime, here is what I ate today:

2 eggs cooked in bacon grease/coconut oil

Small amount of whipped cream and marscarpone

Sweet Potato with Kerrygold Butter
3 Chicken Sausages
Small romaine salad with yogurt sour cream dressing
Decaf Chai with stevia and Cream

Homemade Thai Green Curry with Pork Tenderloin, Baby Bok Choi, Cauliflower Rice


Vegan Chocolate Covered Macaroon (what they had at the coffeehouse we went to- it wasn’t too sweet, at least)
Slice of turkey meat

2 mile walk, 40 min whole body strength DVD, Cleaning 1 hour

All in all, not a bad day. It really is interesting to see what works for my self as far as nutrition and exercise. I do feel stronger and more energetic, let’s just hope these muscles that I’ve been working so hard on start to show more soon.

Thanks for reading, Nandi


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