Intentional Attraction

AKA, calling what you want to yourself, positive attraction, etc.
I tend to be good at this when I devote time to it. For example, when I was a young girl on the road and poor, I would visualize a new pair of Tevas or a new dress and somehow or another, I would find it. Sometimes it would be sitting on the curb in front of me or in the free box at the local Coop. Sometimes someone would give the item to me, usually saying: “I don’t know why I am giving this to you, just thought you could use it.”
I have had to be so focused on getting through school and taking care of the kids/house/work that I haven’t had much time for this the last few years, but I’m back baby!
A couple of weeks ago, I decided I wanted to start receiving money in the mail. Didn’t know where it would be from, or why, but…
I got a $15 check from my bank (I know, right??!) for a class action lawsuit I never entered, and then I got a letter in the mail saying that I would be getting a source of income that I thought had dried up for a few more months! Then, I went to 2 different friends’ houses and they both wanted treatments from me and offered me gifts in exchange. I love bartering, but I love even more an exchange of gifts with those you love and respect. So amazing!
These, plus the Conscious Loving book, have really inspired me to stay on track with my positive attraction mindset.
Warning: you either need to be very clear about what you want or to be very flexible about the results.
But if you are flexible and patient, you never know what the universe will send you if you open up to it and all of its bounty.
The more abundant I am, the more I can help other people achieve abundance through ethical and healing ways. I used to be so scared if wealth/money. But know I look at it as fuel. It is not something to cling to, it just gets you where you need/want to be. No attachment. Just do what you love (sometimes you have to work hard, but just choose the path of least resistance) and envision positive results and the money/objects/energy you need will come to you.
We are in such a magical time. Energy is flowing fast and freely and there is so much change happening. Let’s create a positive, enjoyable future for ourselves and our loved ones!

So here is some if what I want:
A serger and lots of good fabric (cotton, hemp, bamboo, etc.) so that I can make my family amazing clothing, and sell/trade the items that people are attracted to.
Mid-century, antique, and modern furniture that I can refinish for our house or for sale/trade
Massage/yoga/acupuncture/nutrition practice that will have me working 10-20 hours each week
Opportunities to travel around the world, especially to India, Thailand, Bali, Tibet, Australia, New Zealand, New York, London, Paris, Costa Rica
An intentional community focused on healing arts, permaculture, conscious living and loving, and hot springs
A successful blog with lots of wholistic or artisanal sponsors
Time and resources to write the series of children’s books that are in my brain
Beautiful jewelry of gems and precious metals (already made or ready for me to make)
Materials to make hoops and customers to buy them
Learn more bellydance, AfricanDance, and Classical Indian dance
More time in pure, unspoiled nature
A sitar and lessons
Violin lessons (and strings : ) )
Voice lessons
A gel light projector to use light therapy for healing
A set of crystal bowls and other sound healing instruments
Lessons in various healing methods (including, but not limited to: more Thai massage, chinnei tsung, energy work/reiki, Mayan abdominal massage, advanced acupuncture techniques, advanced nutrition, advanced herbal therapies,
A set up for making/processing herbal tinctures and essential oil products (glass bottles, oils, herbs, labels, etc.)
An electrical stimulation/Tens machine
A gold Tei shin
A set of Shoni Shin Tools
A hydrocollator
Nice towels and sheets for home and my practice
Lots of bodywork/healing for myself and the kids
A pyramid to do treatments/yoga under
A yurt to heal in
A school bus to travel in
An herb/veggie/fruit/nut/animal farm
Lots of electronic and world music
Amazing pieces of leather to turn into shoes, hats, bags, etc.
Amazing friends that want these things also!


Fuel 3/31/14

What a whirlwind weekend. We went to visit our amazing friends an hour away and had so much fun just playing! I also read half of Conscious Loving by Gay and Kathlynn Hendricks and it was life-altering in a great way. I highly recommend this book. I am going through so many life changes right now and actively working on staying positive and blissful through all of them.  So now I just have to wait for my own copy to arrive.
Today I relaxed all morning and took DS to parkour in the afternoon. Now I have a good amount if listings to catch up on, but first let me share what fueled me today.

Poached eggs with hollandaise sauce- my new favorite high fat breakfast.
Stevia whipped cream and chocolate coconut cream mousse

Small Chimichurri sweet potato cauliflower salad
Small Bacon cream cheese jalapeño dip
Coffee with stevia and cream
Small slice of sour cream plum pie

New York steak with mushrooms and onions

Honey mustard mayo chicken


2 mile walk, 20 min dancing/yoga

Fuel 3/30/14

We slept in after a super late night and had a lazy, lounge around day. Then off to a beach birthday and home to rest.
Here’s my fuel for the day:

Slice of bacon
Pork sausage patty
Hollandaise egg leftovers
Chai Tea with lots of cream

Chimichurri sweet potato cauliflower salad
Chicken breast

Veggies and cheese that no one ate from the party pizza (no crust for me! : ) )
75 cal of Cheetos that DS wouldn’t eat ( don’t like ’em much but couldn’t resist- stomach did okay with the corn though)
Diet hansens soda

Homemade corned beef

Exercise: stair walking for 10 minutes, chasing kids around and cleaning

Fuel 3/29/14

Off to a fun family sleepover at our sweet friends’ house! I’ve packed lots of food to keep us going, but luckily their family has a similar eating style, so it should be fun. We always end up making crazy recipes with what we have on hand. Like when we made gluten free pigs in blankets with rice flour and tapioca pearls. This time we made kombucha with kiwi and strawberries, leftover sauce chicken thighs, and gluten free brownies (well, the teen girls did that one- I just supervised).

Eggs with hollandaise sauce
Pork sausage patties

Cheddar cheese and salami

Turkey meat with mayo
Whipped cream and chocolate coconut cream

Chicken thighs with a marinade made from the ends of sauce bottles- ended up Asian style
Sweet potato fries (just a few)
Tiny gf brownie with lots of frosting (lots of sugar, but oh so good)
Small bit of Quinoa Vodka- it was better than most vodkas I’ve had

Dancing, 2 mile walk, cleaning for an hour

What I Ate 3/25/14

Sunday and Monday I listed eBay all day and I don’t really remember what I ate. Today I had to work in he school clinic and was feeling low energy and frustrated (senioritis- only 4 weeks to go!). Afterwards, I went thrift shopping and found a bunch of good stuff, both for myself and to sell. But then I had my hated drive home, and was definitely not feeling blissful. Then, when I got home, I had a sudden desire to RUN! I think sitting around and not cleaning over the weekend as well as not nursing for 5 days now (yay!) is finally starting to pay off. Oh- and DS sleep with DH last night, so I got my second full night of sleep in the last four years. So good. So, I went running (I even put on my running pants : ) ) and set out with the intention of not pushing myself too hard- but I actually ran a whole mile without any issues! Yay again! I feel my muscles getting stronger and my energy is good. Hopefully it lasts…
Here is what fueled me today:
2 ounces of macadamia nuts

2 large chicken breasts stuffed with ricotta and covered with marinara–from TJ’s. Yum. So. Full. Couldn’t stop eating.

Small Homemade low carb jello and stevia whipped cream

Tiny piece of Filet mignon

2 mile walk/run, 20 min of gentle yoga

What I Ate 3/22/14

What a wierd night. Good wierd. But still wierd. DH and I ended up watching I Love You Alice B. Toklas, a movie I really used to like but haven’t seen in a while. It made me nostalgic for more is a free hippie lifestyle like I had pre-kids. But I am slowly easing back into it. My goal is to balance work and family and bliss time- and to incorporate them all together as much as possible. Besides that I mostly listed eBay all day and night as I just found out a other source of income is done and I have to pay for 2 big licensing tests for myself as well as get statewide massage licenses and malpractice insurance for both myself and DH. Ack. Too much responsibility ; )
Anyways, here is what fueled me for all of that:

2 poached eggs with leftover homemade hollandaise
Bacon wrapped jalapeño poppers
2 hot dogs with ketchup
Lightly honey sweetened whipped cream and strawberries
BBQ pork ribs, artichoke with garlic butter
Stevia sweetened square of chocolate

Wow. I need to eat more veggies.

2 mile walk, 2 hours cleaning

What I Ate Today 3/20/21

Happy Spring! The kids and I had a wonderful day at the park with our homeschooling group. Perfect weather, nice friends, yummy food…
Speaking of food, a friend sent me a link for a free download of Matt Stone’s book “Diet for Recovery”. For those of you that don’t know, Matt advocates a healthier, higher carb lifestyle in order to boost body metabolism. I have been struggling a bit with this myself, as I do feel better at this point not eating grains, and I have been feeling pretty good eating low to moderate carb with moderate protein and high fat.
But I think a big part of the reason I haven’t dropped down to my pre-Pg weight is not getting enough calories. Not only have I been in school full time, working part-time, and taking care of three kids, I have been nursing a giant (100th percentile) 3 year old. Looking back, my metabolism must have been extremely low over the last winter, as I was nearly always fatigued. I cut wayyyy back on exercise, but didn’t have the energy to eat well, and eventually got stuck in the loop of cutting calories and feeling worse.
Well, I have decided to Rest and Aggressively Refeed as per Matt’s book, but I am going to see how it goes with lower carb (50-100 grams) and higher fat.
I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on what I run well on at this point, my basal body temperature is 98.5 during my follicular phase and 98.9 during my luteal phase, and I am mostly walking for exercise with 2 strength sessions and 1-2 10 minute sprinting sessions and daily mild yoga. I also pay attention to when I am low and take breaks as necessary. For example, I have been lower energy than normal the last couple of days. So instead of pushing through, I have been enjoying watching more movies with my family and relaxing. I also know that tuesday/wednesday are my busiest days and tend to wipe me out for 24 hours. What I didn’t think about was that my system is still slightly fragile, and I pushed a bit too hard over the weekend (an extra Trouble Spots Jillian Michaels workout). But I definitely don’t want to burn out like I did before, so I am finding that balance between enhancing muscle tone and saving my adrenals.
Bottom line, you have to find what works for you, and that will change regularly. I like the original Atkins’ and Mark Sisson’s views on this.

All of this being said, it is challenging for me to eat the 2000+ calories that I need right now with my active lifestyle and nursing right now because of time cooking. That plus my sensitive boobies helped to decide to finally wean my almost 3 year old. I have been trying to hold on so that he can get all of the immune factors possible, but I need to get my body/health back.

This is my attempt to eat more calories on a high-fat, low to moderate carb, moderate protein “diet”:

homemade macaroon

2 natural hot dogs with ketchup and mustard

2 cream cheese jalapeno poppers with 3 slices bacon

2 homemade macaroons
tea with half and half

Cauliflower enchilada casserole (chicken, cheese, collards, sour cream, cream cheese)- large serving

Coconut cream with sour cream and strawberries
Slice of turkey meat

1 hour cleaning, 20 minutes Yoga

Emotionally I felt pretty good.  Hopeful